Arguably the best two-way speakers ever made


Patented Baffle-free Acoustic Design

The best loudspeaker enclosure is when there is no enclosure at all

Bespoke Reflector loudspeakers are designed to deliver musical experience of exceptional dynamic range and naturalness which can be achieved only by minimizing or even eliminating distortions of all kinds. One of significant sources of distortion is a speaker cabinet itself, and the solution to this problem lies either in crafting the cabinet with extreme care or designing loudspeakers without it. Therefore, bespoke Reflector loudspeakers are designed without enclosure to emit sound solely with speaker drivers. Such design approach provides control over sound radiation pattern, is conducive to performance without enclosure introduced resonances as well as reflections, and allows faster, more detailed and natural sound reproduction across low frequency range - which is fundamental.

Controlled Sound Radiation

Loudspeakers interact with our rooms

Our rooms pose a huge obstacle to achieving accurate low and low-mid frequency response. When a room is excited by a sound source such as the loudspeaker’s, room`s resonances occur, and they create destructive interference which cancels out a significant part of the sound source radiated information. This problem can be treated by improving the room acoustics, by finding the best loudspeaker position or by having a loudspeaker with controlled radiation to minimize problems caused by the room’s acoustical properties.

Reflector’s baffle-free controlled sound radiation design minimizes lateral radiation to the side-walls, floor and ceiling and significantly reduces destructive effects of room resonances. This approach saves a lot of room acoustic treatment, and the loudspeaker’s positioning becomes less critical. Therefore Reflector Bespoke loudspeakers are a perfect choice for rooms of various acoustic properties and sizes.

Reflector Audio Loudspeaker Components

Perfect components, minimal frequency bands, extraordinary performance

Reflector Bespoke loudspeakers are capable of delivering pure and very high sound pressure level in just a two-way setup. This becomes possible due to our innovative and patented acoustic design, which is conducive to the best possible performance from the speaker drivers, and the drivers are a perfect fit for the acoustic architecture design. Low frequencies of a single loudspeaker are produced by 4 long-throw dipole woofers; high frequencies are generated by a single horn driver of constant directivity.

The most important property of bespoke Reflector drivers is their extreme sensitivity - which is crucial for creating sound levels close to a live music event; very low power compression - to deliver a stable performance over time; very low linear and non-linear distortion levels. As for low frequency producing woofers are concerned, they boast extraordinary linearity of operation and capability to move sufficient air volume in all their frequency range down to 20 Hz.


Reflector Audio team truly loves music and strives to create loudspeakers to reproduce music in its purest form - alive and powerful.

Every single loudspeaker, crafted by Reflector Audio, combines sophisticated expertise and meticulous attention to detail to ensure unparalleled, repeatable and stable performance. Every Reflector loudspeaker goes through a relentless all-around quality control, rigorous system tuning and a final manual assembly process.

We care about every Reflector Audio customer, and it is our contention that our each customer is entitled a special treatment. We deliver full range of the highest quality solutions to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction, be it our standard line of products or bespoke solutions.